Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3rd Annual Science Expo

Once upon a time, Evelyn came up with a plant experiment to do for her school's Science Expo.  When she tried growing her bean seeds in different soils, however, the seeds got moldy and didn't grow.

Time for Plan B!  Evelyn decided to do a baking experiment to test leavening ingredients in muffins.  The question she wanted to answer was:  How does baking powder and baking soda change muffin height?

Evelyn's control recipe was maple muffins made with one teaspoon of baking powder (as per the recipe).  She made two other batches of muffins - one batch with one teaspoon of baking powder and one batch with no leavening ingredients.  Evelyn's prediction was that the muffins with baking powder would be the tallest, followed by baking soda and nothing added.

The results?  In this recipe, the muffins with baking soda were the tallest (5.4 cm), the baking powder muffins came in second (4.8 cm), and the muffins with nothing added were the shortest (3.5 cm).

Even though she couldn't do the plant experiment she originally planned, Evelyn had a lot of fun baking muffins and gathering data.  She wrote and arranged everything on her display board, and she also took all of the pictures.  She was one proud third-grader at tonight's Science Expo!