Tuesday, February 12, 2013

American Girl Lunch

Once upon a time, I promised Julia I would take her to lunch at the American Girl doll store in Tysons Corner.  I had intended our lunch date to be in January, but the bistro was closed for two weeks for remodeling.  Today was finally the day for my little redhead to bring her little redhead, Rebecca, to lunch.
 Julia loved having Rebecca sit in her own little chair.  She kept moving it all around the table, trying to find just the right spot for her doll.
Julia and I both had a delicious lunch (you can probably guess who had the hot dog and who had the salmon), followed by scrumptious desserts.  Rebecca had chocolate milk and a grape; she has a small tummy, so she didn't want to eat very much.
 After lunch, we wandered around both levels of the store, admiring the merchandise.  We picked up a souvenir t-shirt for Rebecca and a chapter book for Evelyn.  Rebecca also had her hair done in the doll salon - a half-ponytail braid.  You can tell by the smiles on Julia's face that she had a blast...and will definitely want to come back again!