Saturday, July 6, 2013

Historical Sackets Harbor

We started our day waking up at the Marina Inn and Suites.  This inn is a real, live historical building on the water.  It was fun staying in the military barracks of Sackets Harbor - the navy is what kept this town prospering from the War of 1812 through World War II.
 This year marks the 200th anniversary of a major War of 1812 battle that was fought at Sackets Harbor.  We spent the entire day exploring this historic site.  Today was all about learning what Caroline would have experienced in this town during the war.
 We spent about an hour going through an exhibit that helped us understand what a navy sloop from 200 years ago was like.  The girls enjoyed finding answers to their kids' scavenger hunts...
 ...and there were a lot of hands-on activities for everyone.  In this picture, they are trying to lift various weights/sizes of cannonballs.  This really gave Evelyn an idea of how hard it was to work on a naval sloop.
 After all that heavy lifting, Evelyn took a break on a hammock.
 After exploring indoor exhibits for a couple of hours (and heading back to our room at the inn for lunch-time sandwiches), we headed outside to check out the battleground trails.  But first, a picture by Lake Ontario.
 The trail encircled the entire battlefield, with informative displays and signs along the way.  The girls got all excited whenever we came to a sign, especially when an artifact accompanied the sign.
 In all, I think we leisurely spent about five hours checking out everything at this historic site...and we all enjoyed it!