Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plimouth Plantation

Even though it was hotter than blazes today (sunny and humid, too), we headed over to Plimouth Plantation today.  We had friends visiting from Maryland, and they wanted to see something historically unique to Massachusetts.  This location definitely fits the bill.
 There are three main areas to visit at Plimouth - the Wampanoag (Native American) village, the (pilgrim) settler's village and the indoor exhibits.  We started outside with the Wampanoag village.  Here's Julia, standing by a dugout canoe and paddles.  The girls couldn't believe how big the canoe was...and how big the tree was that they used to make the canoe!
 Then we saw some fish being smoked over a fire.  We were also able to walk through several Wampanoag lodges, which the girls thought were quite spacious until they realized how many people lived inside one.
 After a hike through the woods and the marsh, we came upon the pilgrim village.  It is surrounded by a tall fence, much like it would have been in the 1600's.
 We saw a man planking wood.  He asked where we lived, but he had never heard of our town, Norfolk, even though it's only 50 miles inland.  This is a living history site, so everyone pretends like it's the 1620's.
 This man was whittling a wooden spoon.  Julia wanted to take it home and eat with it, but the man said he needed it for his family.
 We walked through several pilgrim houses.  The girls had fun guessing how rich or poor the inhabitants were, based on the furniture.
 The girls were real troopers, walking through the outdoor exhibit in the heat.  After exploring as much as we could, we headed to the indoor exhibits (and lunch!).  We plan to come back on a cooler day, when sightseeing will be more enjoyable.