Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1,450-Mile Trip

How to ensure a comfortable, day-long excursion with Julia and Evelyn?  Dramamine and EarPlanes.  Julia is susceptible to motion sickness, and the kids' Dramamine works wonders for her.  Evelyn's sensitive ears require some TLC, in the form of EarPlanes ear plugs - they help balance the pressure change when the plane is landing.  Okay, now that we have the meds ready...let's go!
 Today was a weekday, and Troy (aka our airport chauffeur) was working, so we girls had to make it to the airport on our own.  That started with taking the 9:15 MBTA commuter train out of Norfolk into Boston.
 We got off the commuter train at South Station, where we transferred to a bus that took us to Boston's Logan airport.  In all, the train and bus rides were pretty painless, even though it took us a little over two hours to get to the airport.  Here are the girls at South Station -
 After checking in for our flight and checking our big red suitcase, we grabbed lunch at Potbelly.  We were all very excited to find this sandwich shop at the airport - yum!  (And this is when we gave Julia her travel medicine.)
 Just in case you didn't know, Dramamine is known to make you sleepy.  See exhibit A...
 Our first flight was from Boston to Chicago's O'Hare airport.  We had about 50 minutes to catch our second flight to Omaha, which gave us enough time to use the restroom and grab a sweet treat from Starbucks.  In all, it was a long day of travel (about nine hours from our house in Norfolk, Massachusetts to Troy's parents' house in Bellevue, Nebraska), but we girls were in good spirits and were very comfortable.