Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moooving the Cows

This morning we helped my Aunt Diane move 150 cows from one pasture to an adjacent one.  To get out to the pasture, Evelyn and I rode in the Gator (pictured below...Julia did not drive), while Julia rode in the pickup truck with Aunt Diane.  We parked the pickup near the gate that connects the two pastures, and then we all four piled into the Gator.
 Here's a view of all the cows we had to move.  They were spread out across what is known as the northeast pasture, around a little pond.
 By hollering and zipping around in the Gator, we convinced the cows to start heading in the right direction.
 We hit a snag when trying to get the cows to cross over the dam.  We had to circle around three times before they all decided to continue following us.  Julia is covering her eyes because the wind was blowing dust in her eyes.
 About an hour after we started, we got all 150 cows through the gate and into the southeast pasture.  That number includes 3 bulls, 73 cows and 74 calves.
 Here's my Gator companion...
 ...and here's Julia, hanging out in the pickup (also snitching candy from the glove box, I later learned).
 Before heading back to Aunt Diane's house, a section of barbed wire fence needed to be fixed.