Sunday, March 16, 2014

Girl Scouts International Day

Both Julia's and Evelyn's Girl Scout troops participated in the Norfolk International Day this afternoon.  Can you tell which country each girl represented?
 Julia's troop presented information about Ireland (perfect timing, with today being the day before St. Patrick's Day).  Julia's Daisy troop put together the poster on their own, cutting and gluing the pictures and captions.  They wore tie-dyed t-shirts with the color of Ireland's flag and had shamrock headbands.  Julia's troop led everyone in the pledge of allegiance at the opening ceremonies - the little Kindergartners looked so cute!
 After visiting the other 13 countries at the festival, Julia wanted to work.  And what did she mean by "work?"  Manning the cash box.  The trinkets Julia's troop were selling cost a quarter, which was really easy for Julia to handle.  But what happened after her troop ran out of bracelets and tattoos?  Julia the entrepreneur started selling the extra stickers they had - two for a quarter.  Very resourceful, that one!
 Evelyn's troop presented France.  At the opening ceremony, Evelyn's troop said the Girl Scout promise in French, and they also played "Frere Jacque" on their various band instruments.  I might be a little biased, but I thought they did a fabulous job.  Just like Julia's troop, the girls in Evelyn's troop made their display board on their own.  The troop sold trios of red, white and blue candy-dipped pretzels to about 150 customers.  Evelyn also visited the displays of all of the countries, filling up her passport with stamps and stickers.
International Day was a ton of fun - I know the girls are looking forward to doing it again next year!