Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sleepover at Boston Museum of Science

Evelyn is my guest author for today's post...enjoy!

I am at my house, ready to go to the museum with my Girl Scout troop.  I am so excited!  I wonder if we'll get our own rooms?
Now I have driven to the Boston Museum of Science.  Our Girl Scout troop put down our luggage.  But all of this luggage is not ours; this is some other people's luggage, too.
On Friday evening, I ate a yummy dinner of chicken fingers and fries.  After supper, I explored the museum with my troop.  We saw animals (alive and not alive), built a domino tower and did a workshop with a museum worker called "Making Models."  Then we went to the Children's Science Playground.  I went on two different swings - one swing with long ropes and one swing with short ropes.  I also did a running track.  The way the running track worked was, you punched in how fast you wanted to go; and along the side of the running track there was a yellow strip of metal with green light-up dots that showed how fast you went (you raced the green dots).

At 11:15 p.m., we saw an amazing lightning show.  It included a man standing inside of a metal cage, while generators shot lightning bolts down at the cage.  Fortunately, the man was not hurt; the metal soaked up all the energy from the lightning.  There were also other machines below the lightning generators.  The man turned on all the machines at one time - it was literally a lightning storm inside the museum.
We got ready for bed around 11:50 p.m., and it was lights-out at midnight.  Guess what I got to sleep next to?  Three types of lungs.  If I woke up in the night and rolled over the wrong way, I would face the three lungs, grimace and roll back around the other way.
 We all woke up at 6:30 a.m.  Since I had an air mattress, I actually had a good sleep.  After getting dressed and brushing my teeth, my troop did a little exploring.  Then, at 8:00 a.m., we ate breakfast; I had an orange, a cereal bar, some Cheerios, a go-gurt and some orange juice.
 Then, after breakfast, we went to a planetarium show.  We learned about the major constellations in the universe.  In the dome-shaped room, the projector cast a black hole swiftly coming toward us.  It seemed like the black hole came down upon us.
We also saw an IMAX movie - Journey Into Amazing Caves.  It was so cool.  We learned about different people who explored ice caves, dry caves and underwater caves.  Underwater caves are dangerous because, on an adventure, the explorers kicked up a cloud of silt and couldn't find their diving line.  After the cloud of silt cleared, they groped around for the diving line; eventually they found it and were able to get back to the surface.  But the coolest part was the ice caves.  The explorers had special spiked shoes to climb up the walls of the ice caves.
 Now I am at the top of the musical steps.
 My Girl Scout troop made a bunch of noise by stepping on high-pitched and low-pitched stairs.  I loved making music with my feet!
We left the museum at 11:00 a.m.  I have to say, this was the best sleepover I've had in my lifetime.  :)