Saturday, May 9, 2015

Evelyn's Nature Party

This girl is ready for her nature party!  And we couldn't have asked for better weather - it was sunny and in the mid-70's today.  Perfect for an outdoor party.
 First on the party agenda was dissecting owl pellets.  Even Julia got in on the action, using her tweezers to pull all sorts of bones out of the fur.
 Evelyn had requested that I get the big pellets, and I fulfilled that request.  The girls spent close to an hour, pulling all sorts of critter bones out of their pellets.
 Next up was the scavenger hunt/hike through the forest.  Everyone looked at their booklets to know what they were looking for, and off we went.  The girls drew pictures of what they saw, and everyone found everything except...a turtle.  We did see a water snake, which is another type of reptile, so I told those guests to just change it.
 Once back at our house, the girls washed their hands (with the hose in the front yard), grabbed some pretzel sticks and popcorn for a snack and started making their popsicle stick bird feeders.  I dumped a pile of popsicle sticks (two different sizes) on each table, along with two bottles of glue per table, and off they went, creating their own bird feeder.  (Also included in the goodie bags was a Ziploc bag of bird seed.)
 Well before the party started, I set out a treasure hunt all around the yard - front and back.  I split the girls into two teams.  Each clue told the each team to go to a different place for the next clue.  The team's clues went in a different order, but they all ended at the same place.  The prize?  A small, potted mariGOLD.  (Credit goes to Julia for that - such a clever one!)
 And the grand finale to Evelyn's two-and-a-half-hour party was cake and ice cream.  Everyone had a blast, and the time flew by!