Friday, May 8, 2015

Nature Party Prep

Evelyn's birthday party is tomorrow, which we have been planning for several weeks.  She decided on a nature theme for her party, with the highlights being a nature hike and dissecting owl pellets.  I wanted all of the party-goers to have a mission while hiking through the woods, so I made little scavenger hunt books.  Each little book has 12 things to look for (seeds, wildflower, flying insect, evidence of a beaver, etc.), and everyone's books is different.  I cut up a paper sack to make the covers, and I tied everything together with yarn.  I also found those cute "twig" pencils online for the girls to draw a picture when they found something.
 The scavenger hunt books were the most time-consuming thing to make, and they weren't that hard.  Everything else we just ordered or bought, and it was ready to go - journals for the goodie bags; owl-themed cups, plates and napkins; popsicle sticks and weather-proof glue to make bird feeders; owl pellets and bone-sorting guides (with tweezers!).  All of Evelyn's party items fit inside one box, making it easy to keep everything together before the big day.
 Going with the nature theme, and the fact that the girls would dissect owl pellets, Evelyn requested an owl cake for her party.  I found an owl cake pan online, in which I bake a vanilla cake (yes, another one!).  And now I just need to mix the colors and frost/decorate the cake.  Easy-peasy, and we're ready for tomorrow's party!


k. said...

After reading all these posts I want to eat cake!