Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to Maryland

We're back on the east coast. As we neared the end of our Nebraska trip, Evelyn couldn't make up her mind about where she wanted to be. She wanted to stay in Nebraska . . . she wanted to go to Maryland . . . she wanted to go to Dallas. Ironically, when we boarded our plane in Omaha, the plane next to our gate was going to Dallas. I asked Evelyn if we should get on the plane to Dallas, but she conceded that we should go back to Maryland.

Lucky for Evelyn, today was another Flower Buds preschool program at Brookside Gardens. Today's theme was fruits and vegetables, and Evelyn did the coolest stamping-with-paint activity. She used yellow paint to stamp star fruit and lemon, red paint to stamp an apple, blue paint for blueberries, purple (her favorite!) to stamp beets, and so on. She couldn't wait to show Troy her collage.

With dance classes starting soon, I need to get on the ball to find out where to enroll Evelyn for ballet. The place she went to last year left much to be desired, which leaves me searching for a new studio. I've narrowed it down to two places. I might just toss a coin because each place has an equal amount of pros. No matter what, Evelyn is not going back to where she was after we moved here!

This afternoon found us out on the deck, enjoying the unseasonal August weather. It was almost chilly because of the dry air and the north wind. I couldn't resist taking this picture of the girls. Even though her shirt says "Little Sister," Julia isn't very little!