Friday, August 15, 2008

Morning & Night

How fun is it when the baby of the family kicks everyone out of bed? Okay, seriously, what really happened here was Julia thought she was going to wake up for the day at about 6:45 a.m. Troy brought her to the bed to make me aware of the situation. After some gentle tummy rubs, Julia fell back asleep. And she stayed that way until almost 9:00! Apparently she just needed a change of location to better suit her beauty sleep.

Evelyn had a traumatic appointment this morning involving a phlebotomist . . . and in an attempt to make it up to her we sprung for a Dairy Queen Oreo brownie earthquake treat. I think the yummy combination of brownies, DQ ice cream, chocolate fudge, cookie crumbs and marshmallow topping helped Evelyn forget all about the bad morning she had.

Before Evelyn's bath tonight, she resorted to her usual routine of jumping on the bed and singing made-up songs in a goofy voice. Julia was lying on the bedroom floor, out of harms way, observing her crazy sister. It wasn't long before Julia was laughing at Evelyn. I mean, Julia was laughing so hard it almost seemed like she was crying! One of these days I'll get a video of Julia's belly laugh and post it.