Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Wiggles Concert

Last night was the Wiggles concert, and Evelyn had a blast! This was the second time she has seen the Wiggles, and she sang and danced a lot more this time around.

A few days ago, Troy reminded me that the performers usually read signs from the audience. When asked what she wanted her sign to say, Evelyn came up with, "I love fruit salad better than Anthony." For those of you who know the Wiggles, you know how appropriate this phrase is. Anthony is Evelyn's favorite Wiggle, so it only made sense that her sign was directed toward him. We brought the sign to the concert (our seats were in the second row), and I tucked it under my chair, waiting for the perfect opportunity to hold it up . . .

About half-way through the concert, there was a break in the action. Anthony was the only Wiggle on stage, and he was reading signs in the audience. I promptly held up Evelyn's sign. When Anthony saw it, he pointed and said, "I'll come back to that one in a moment." True to his word, after reading all of the other signs in the audience, Anthony said, "Now, where is that sign I saw earlier?" I held up Evelyn's sign again. Anthony read it out loud, "I love fruit salad better than Anthony." Then he asked, "Who wrote that?" Evelyn put her hand high up into the air. Anthony asked, "What's your name?" Evelyn stated her name, loud and clear. Anthony said, "Evelyn? Well, Evelyn, so you think you like fruit salad better than I do?" Evelyn smiled really big and nodded. Anthony replied, "I don't know about that, but I do think you'll like our next song - Fruit Salad!" It was the perfect intro to their next song. Evelyn was so excited that Anthony not only read her sign, but he talked to her!!! That conversation made a perfect concert magical.

For those of you who aren't in the world of the Wiggles, I suppose I should mention that Anthony wears blue.


Lisa said...

That is so cute. I love the sign you made and the picture of Evelyn's big smile is just precious! I must say none of my girls ever got into the Wiggles. Don't tell Evelyn, but I always thought they were a little weird! :) Liv is more into Dora and Diego. I would love to take her to one of their concerts when they come to town.