Saturday, September 20, 2008

DC Sight-Seeing

Ever since we moved here at the beginning of the year, Evelyn has wanted to go up to the top of the Washington Monument. Her dream came to fruition today. Weeks ago, we reserved our tickets for 11:00 this morning, so we were all set for today's vertical journey. After a minute-long ride to the top, we took our time looking out each of the eight viewing windows. Since Evelyn has seen some of the other monuments and memorials on the Washington, D. C. mall before, it was fun for her to see them from 500 feet high.

After visiting the Washingtom Monument, we walked through the World War II Memorial on our way to the Lincoln Memorial. We have never made the trek all the way to see President Lincoln, so this was new to Evelyn. I think she enjoyed walking up and down the marble steps more than actually observing Lincoln's statue.

That was enough sight-seeing for us. We headed back to a Metro stop in order to head home, which was a pretty long walk for a tired group.

I'm forgetting to mention how Julia handled our busy day. She slept on the train ride into Washington, she fussed most of the time we were in the Washington Monument, she fell asleep while walking through the World War II Memorial, then she read a "Spot" book on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (she'll see the President another day), and she slept on the train ride home. Not bad for nearly five hours of wandering around the D. C. mall!

Troy and Evelyn looking south from one of the Washington Monument viewing windows. Notice the Jefferson Memorial on the left.
Evelyn in front of President Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial.
The whole family in front of the Lincoln Memorial.