Sunday, September 28, 2008


The weather has kept us inside the past several days. The forecast has been right-on when it says 40% chance of rain. It has been raining off and on since Thursday night. Much to Evelyn's dismay, this means no playing outside or at the park with her little friends. It looks like today is the last day of the rain, and then we should be able to get back outside to play.

Evelyn thoroughly enjoys preschool. Each morning when she enters the classroom, there are various stations set up for the kids with activities such as Play Doh, drawing, writing letters and numbers, making a craft, building with blocks, etc. I can tell by the work she brings home that Evelyn visits every station, but she starts at her favorite: drawing. After checking in, Evelyn's first question is, "Where can I draw?" As expected, she has made several new friends over the past three weeks. Each time I pick up Evelyn from preschool, there's usually about four or five little girls peering over the edge of the stroller, gently touching Julia. I can tell Evelyn is proud to be a big sister.

Julia has discovered that her hands and her feet provide endless entertainment. Always a good thing when Evelyn isn't around to provide entertainment. Julia seems to be falling into a few routines, such as eating every three or four hours, taking two small naps and one long nap every day, and going to bed around 9:30. She only slept through the night once during the month of September - we attribute that to the fact that she is a growing girl (over 18 pounds, now!) who needs constant sustenance. When awake, she enjoys the usual five-month-old activities of putting everything in her mouth, grabbing at toys around and above her, and laughing at her sister.

Lastly, we just got new carpet in our townhouse - just in time for Julia to start roaming around the place.