Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This and That

Since I haven't written for a week, you could assume that we have either been very busy, or we haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary. It's both - we've been busy doing normal activities.

Let's start with Julia. She went to her first story time at the Germantown Library last Friday. The story time was for babies 0-12 months, and I think Julia was the youngest one there. Even though she's too little to understand what's going on, she had fun laying on her back participating with the songs and finger plays. After staying home all weekend, Julia hit the road Monday and Tuesday, following her big sister to preschool and gymnastics. And sleeping through the night? Not so much. Julia is back to waking up once or twice each night to eat. Her goal: to get into those 12-18 month clothes stashed in her closet!

Speaking of which, Evelyn thoroughly enjoys preschool. Besides being a social butterfly and making new friends, Evelyn loves playing with the dinosaurs. Evelyn and I made some wonderful chocolate ganache cupcakes. They're not too rich or sweet, and the recipe makes about 14 cupcakes, which is just the right amount for our family. After a sweltering weekend filled with indoor play and baking (we made more monkey muffins!), the weather cooled down so Evelyn could head over to the park. Yesterday, all of the neighborhood kids were over there, but today Evelyn had the park all to herself. In addition to Evelyn doing tricks on the equipment, we girls played hide and seek.

Troy's parents come to visit tomorrow, and we'll be doing fun sight-seeing activities with them this weekend. The highlight is going to the top of the Washington Monument. Evelyn has wanted to do that since we moved here last January. I also think the ever-requested Sugarloaf Mountain is on the docket.