Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Maryland

We broke tradition this year and didn't make it to Illinois for Thanksgiving. Even though we missed out on the extended family gathering, we made a yummy dinner that tasted a lot like Thanksgiving in Pike County.

I made the dough for Joyce's butterhorn rolls Tuesday evening - it chilled in the refrigerator overnight, then I made and baked the rolls Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon I made raspberry/applesauce Jello, and that evening Evelyn helped me with the pumpkin pie.

First thing this morning, we put the turkey in the oven. A few hours later we all started on the casseroles - Evelyn made her corn casserole, Troy helped with the green bean casserole, and I made the sweet potato casserole. Everything was ready before our intended 1:00 dinner time, but Julia insisted on eating her cereal before we had our meal. So, after a slight delay, we sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Evelyn's favorites this year - butterhorn rolls and corn casserole. I think she had some turkey, but not much. Evelyn and I are off to see the movie "Bolt" this afternoon, and we'll enjoy the pumpkin pie later.


k. said...

Wow, Evey's hair is so long! I ate way too much, and I haven't stopped yet...You all look great!