Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to Crazy Town

. . . one of Troy's favorite quotes when things get crazy and hectic. That's how we would describe supper tonight. Here are some snippets from this evening as we ate dinner at home.

Evelyn - "Look! I'm a flying dancer!" as she flapped her arms wildly.
Troy - "You almost stuck your elbow in your food. This is why we don't fly at supper."
Troy - "Now you made Mommy cry because you weren't being a good girl at the table." (You can probably guess that the real reason for my tears was because I was laughing so much.)

Julia - She dropped her rattle onto the floor and resorted to chewing/gumming the edge of the table.

Evelyn - After Troy asked several times for her to eat her supper, Evelyn slumped back in her chair and crossed her eyes.

Evelyn - "Since I wore make-up today, my dance class was a make-up class." (Translation of sorts: Evelyn put on shimmer eye shadow this morning. She also went to a make-up class for her missed dance class on Thursday, due to Thanksgiving. Apparently that means the theme for today's class was make-up, but not in the sense of catching up on a missed class.)

Evelyn - "Is there any dessert?"
Valerie - "You can have some Oreo cookies."
Evelyn - "I can?! Oh, boy!" and she finished the rest of her supper in less than a minute.

And now, the grand finale from Julia - She's been slowly working her way through a baby food jar of green beans. As the picture below shows, Julia is no closer to liking her green beans now than she was a week ago.

Welcome to Crazy Town!