Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Election day! At 2:10 this afternoon, the whole family headed to our polling place - the elementary school Evelyn will attend next fall - to cast our votes. Julia accompanied Troy, and Evelyn helped me. In order to keep Evelyn from wandering around and getting her nose into other people's business, I had Evelyn do the actual voting; in other words, tapping the kiosk screen. Everyone left with "I Voted" stickers on their shirts, even the girls. From the time we walked into the school to the time we left, it took us 40 minutes. From what we've heard around here, that's not too much of a wait.

We are making Julia take on some new, older baby responsibilities. The biggest of these is sleeping in her crib for day-time naps. Previously, she has been napping in her bouncy seat. That was a guaranteed way to help her get to sleep without crying. But we all know she'll outgrow that bouncy seat before long, plus she needs to learn to put herself to sleep. The past four days have been a little tough for Julia, but she has been sleeping in her crib for her naps. Hopefully a week from now I'll be reporting that she's going down for her naps with little or no fussing.

Some other 6-month-old routines and activities that have gone more smoothly are sleeping through the night (a whole week, now!) eating rice cereal (Julia loves it made with formula - who would've guessed?), sitting up completely on her own, playing in her exersaucer, and riding in the bigger car seat.