Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mommy-and-Evelyn Day

Today Evelyn and I headed up to the Baltimore area for trains and ice cream. Troy decided to stay home with Julia so she could have a normal day with normal naps. Therefore, Evelyn declared today's outing a Mommy-and-Evelyn day.

After driving up to Baltimore, our first stop was the B&O Railroad Museum. We got there around noon, and we ate our sack lunches in the car before heading into the museum (no food allowed). I know we were just at the train museum a month ago, but today was a special day: turntable demonstrations. Evelyn has seen two other turntables in action (Fort Worth, Texas and Golden, Colorado), but not the turntable at her favorite train museum. And Evelyn had a hunch that her favorite engine - William Mason - would get to ride on the turntable.

The first vehicle that went for a spin on the turntable was a rail-car. Next came an old coal car. Then, the moment Evelyn had been waiting for, William Mason was pushed (shunted, in Evelyn's train terms) onto the turntable. With one man pushing from below the trap door in the turntable floor, the William Mason steam locomotive went around one time. Finally, the engine was pushed back into its bay. Naturally, I took videos to post on Evelyn's YouTube account, so if you click on the links above, you will go to each of the three videos.

After a fun couple of hours at the museum, we headed north of town to meet Kat and Ross for ice cream. They've sung the praises of Broom's Bloom Dairy, and now I know why. They have awesome flavors, and the ice cream is so creamy and good. I just had to bring home a couple of quarts to share with Troy. It's a good thing we don't live as close to that dairy as Kat and Ross do, otherwise we would be there all the time!