Thursday, July 23, 2009


For the past several months, Evelyn has been inquiring about earrings. When can she have them? Does it hurt when you get them? How old do you have to be to have them? Some of her friends have earrings. Do babies get earrings?

Since I had to wait an insanely long time to get my ears pierced (13 years old!), I vowed never to make my daughter(s) wait that long. I always told Troy that whenever Evelyn really wanted earrings, I would give in to her request. Yesterday was the big day!

We went to Claire's in the mall for Evelyn's piercing. Here she is, holding the display case of the choice of earrings. Since my mom is allergic to anything but gold, and I had bad reactions with non-gold earrings early on, I narrowed Evelyn's choices to the 14K gold selection. She went with cute little pink stone flowers.
At first, Evelyn thought the stuffed bear was simply a cute prop. Later on, she discovered that this bear made an excellent buddy to help her out with the earring experience.

Evelyn got nervous when the lady used a marker to put dots on Evelyn's ear lobes. I was really beginning to wonder if my drama queen was going to make it . . .
One ear down, and one ear to go. I must admit that I'm really surprised Evelyn didn't completely bail after the first ear was pierced. She must have really wanted her earrings!
Five minutes after her earrings were in, Evelyn continued to look in the mirror to admire her newest accessories. She kept turning her head from side to side, getting a good look at them. Did I mention we did all of this while Troy was out of town? Well, we did. And he was completely fine with it. After all, I'm the one shouldering the responsibility of cleaning Evelyn's ears three times a day.


k. said...

Cleaning three times a day? Wow. I use hibiclens (antibacterial soap) for my piercing. If they get really inflamed do a hot saltwater soak. Earrings, yeah!

Disobedient Tiger said...

Way to go, Evelyn!!! You are officially tougher than me!!!