Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pike County Visit

The main goal for our trip to Illinois was to visit family, and that mission was accomplished. We stayed at Aunt Becky's and Uncle Ralph's farm. Evelyn was so happy to see that Gracie Cat was still around, and the two of them played together quite a bit. See the stick in the picture below? Gracie would swat at it as Evelyn waved it around. Evelyn and I also went to the Pittsfield swimming pool for a couple of hours. Evelyn had so much fun practicing all the things she's learning from her swimming lessons - she did great!
Aunt Becky always has a blast with the girls, and this time was no different. Here's a picture of her with Julia, with an after dinner round of napkin peek-a-boo.
A summer trip to Pike County wouldn't be complete without visiting the Dairy Ripple. Lucky little Evelyn got to go twice! Dairy Ripple is where she had her first ice cream cone two years ago, so she was excited to go back there for some more yumminess.


k. said...

Mmmmmm another dairy. I think we will be heading to Broom Bloom Dairy tonight.