Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Baby Talk

Julia's vocabulary growth was very apparent today. While changing her diaper, Julia glanced over at a table with board books. Then she made the baby sign for "train" and said "booka booka booka booka" at the same time. I asked if she wanted her train book, grabbed it for her, and handed her the book. She smiled - that's exactly what she wanted.

Julia shared an avocado with me for lunch. Every time I gave her a bite of avocado, I said the word. After about five bites, Julia said "go" when she wanted another bite of avocado. She also baby signed "milk" when she wanted a drink. Her lunch consisted of an avocado, a muffin and milk. By baby signing and speaking aloud, it was easy for me to understand what she wanted to eat or drink next.

During lunch, Julia alerted me to when a bird landed on one of our feeders by making the baby sign. By following her lead, we were able to have a conversation about birds, even though I ended up saying a lot more than she did. Still, her comprehension and communication skills are growing by leaps and bounds.


k. said...

I love it when she says Booka Booka Booka. I think you are going to have two little book lovers with wonderfully extensive vocabularies. I'm sure Julia's new communication skills will save you a lot of frustration.