Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diving Board

While frequenting the pools in Nebraska, Evelyn has been getting up the nerve to jump off the diving board. Sunday and Monday she confidently jumped from the side of the pool into 10-foot-deep water, which is just one step away from going off the board. She is a really good swimmer, and she can tread water, so all signs pointed to Evelyn being ready to take the plunge.

This afternoon we headed over to a city pool where we know a couple of the lifeguards, so one of them was able to help catch Evelyn. The first two times Evelyn went off the board today, I pushed her. There was no other way to get her to go off, and thankfully she didn't flip out. The next four or five times Evelyn jumped off on her own, and the lifeguard didn't have to catch her, she only helped steer her toward the ladder.

Once Evelyn jumped off the diving board completely on her own, there was no turning back. She jumped off the diving board for 45 minutes straight! I don't usually take my camera to the pool, but I wish I would have had it with me today to capture my brave little Peanut conquering the diving board!