Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Golfers

This evening we teed off from the third tee box at the Fontenelle Hills golf course. This was Julia's first time on the golf course, and she had a grand ol' time:
Evelyn is a veteran when it comes to this course, playing for the fourth time on this hole. Do you think her hickory iron will help get the ball alllllll the way to the green?

Actually, Evelyn did manage to get her ball to the green solely by hitting it with her clubs - that's a first for her. Evelyn's putting skills have also improved since last summer, and she really enjoyed practicing her putts over and over.
Julia, on the other hand, preferred the two-year-old strategy: forget the clubs and drop the ball in the cup with your hands.
The sun was setting at the end of our golf outing, signaling the deer to come out. If you look closely, you can see two fawns and two does on the hillside. Julia kept waving her driver at them, saying, "Good night, deer!"


k. said...

Evelyn is so tan and her hair looks so cute!