Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farm Fun

We went out to Aunt Leann's and Uncle Tim's farm this evening, and the girls had SO much fun. There are eight-week-old kittens out there, and Evelyn was completely smitten by them. The only time she wasn't playing with the kittens was when we forced her to come inside to eat supper. Would you believe she passed up chocolate cake so she could have more time to play with the kittens?!
Whereas Evelyn was very gentle when handling the kittens, Julia was quite the opposite. Shortly after I took this picture, Julia cuddled the gray kitten to her chest and then dropped it on the ground - ouch!

We then encouraged Julia to play with the kittens in the grass, where it wouldn't hurt as much if she dropped them.
As the sun was beginning to set, Uncle Tim asked Evelyn if she wanted to collect eggs with him. She had no problem getting eggs from the empty nests, but Uncle Tim had to get any eggs that were hiding under chickens. Check out the colors of the eggs - most are brown, but some are light green. That's the color of eggs a certain chicken lays (I can't remember the name of the breed). Wild!
Ah, yes, but back to the kittens. Before posing with her collected eggs, Evelyn had to grab a kitten.