Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fenwick Island Critter Spotting

To borrow a phrase from Kat, here is a critter spotting post from Fenwick Island...

Every day we were at the beach, we saw at least one osprey catch a fish right out of the ocean. I was able to get a decent picture of this one because the fish it caught was so heavy. Look how huge that fish is! It really slowed down the osprey's flight.
Dolphins were a common sight right off the shore. Again, it was difficult to get a picture of more than the dolphins' fins, but I managed to get two good shots. You can see the head in this picture...
...and this dolphin was jumping out of the water! I was zoomed out about 58-times with my camera, and I just kept taking multiple pictures of the same group of dolphins. I had no idea what I had captured until I uploaded the pictures. These two pictures were a pleasant surprise.
Naturally, there were lots of seagulls hanging out at the beach. I liked this guy because he seemed so dignified and stately. He was also kind enough to pose for a picture.
Another tricky animal to capture with a camera is a sandpiper. Sandpipers move SO quickly, digging up their food before a wave comes. I got lots of blurry pictures of moving sandpipers, but I was able to snag this bird in a rare moment of stillness. I'm glad I got a picture of one because the girls really like sandpipers - they scurry around the beach, peeping and running away from the waves.