Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last year, I read about Funland, a kiddie amusement park on Rehoboth Beach's boardwalk, in my Frommer's travel book. But we didn't think Julia was quite old enough for it then. This year? She was more than ready for carnival rides!

We bought 90 tickets for $20. Most of the rides we went on cost one, two or three tickets. Do the math, and you'll realize what a bargain this place is. First up was the Carousel, which we all rode.
Then Troy and Evelyn went on a super-fast car ride (Crazy Dazys), while I watched Julia ride the Fire Engines. Both girls went on the Sky Fighters, where they thoroughly enjoyed shooting targets from their airplanes. Evelyn and I next tackled two thrilling rides: the Paratrooper (pictured below) and the Sea Dragon. Evelyn really enjoyed the Paratrooper, even though it was high and fast. The Sea Dragon? That was a little too exciting for her.
While Evelyn and I were on the "big kid" rides, Troy and Julia rode the Big Trucks, and then Troy watched Julia ride the Boats and the Swinger (swings that go round-and-round). Next up, Julia and Evelyn had fun driving this purple car...Julia particularly liked pressing the horn buzzer. That had the girls giggling like crazy.
Since Julia was tall enough, we all four went on a ride called Free Fall - the ride's carriage randomly shot up and then fell down. We really didn't know how Julia would react, so we were pleasantly surprised that she LOVED it. She laughed the entire time. Julia and Evelyn liked the Free Fall so much, we had to get in line and jump on for a second time.

Then Julia and Evelyn went on the Helicopters, with Evelyn controlling the height of their very own personal helicopter.
Next up for the girls was a Kiddie Wheel - they sat in a hot air balloon contraption that simply went (vertically) round-and-round.
Finally, to conclude our two-and-a-half hours at Funland, we all rode the Carousel one last time. If you do the math, we went on 13 different rides, totaling 35 rides for the four of us, and it only cost $20. The girls had a blast, and I'm sure we'll be back next summer.


k. said...

Wow! That really is a deal!