Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of 2nd Grade

New school year, new back-drop for the first-day-of-school picture. Here are the girls, in front of our new house, ready to embark on the walk to school. This year's to/from school jaunts are a little different for Julia. She will walk with us in the morning, and she has three choices for the afternoon: walk, ride in the wagon or ride her tricycle. Our new house is still 0.4 miles away from Evelyn's elementary school, and our walk still takes us past the forested creek area. We didn't see any wildlife this morning, but I'm sure we'll be spotting beavers and great blue herons before too long.
This year family members could go inside the school to accompany the students to their classrooms (we weren't able to do that last year). Here's Evelyn at her locker - she doesn't have to share this year, which made her pretty happy.
Since Evelyn said it was okay, Julia and I also went inside Evelyn's classroom with her. Here's the new 2nd-grader, putting away her school supplies.
And now she's all ready to go! From what she told me this afternoon, her first day was a little boring (all those rules that teachers need to talk about), but it went well. Here's hoping the rest of the school year goes well, too!