Sunday, June 17, 2012

America's Oldest Zoo

Today we headed up to Philadelphia with Kat and Ross to visit America's first zoo.  Who was excited to see the animals?  Well, Julia's attitude turned around after she got her hands on the zoo map - that's when she became our guide, leading us to the giraffes.
On the way to see the giraffes, we stopped to see a few other animals.  We also stumbled across this Exploration Station, where the girls were asked to look at pictures and find various animals camouflaged in their habitats.
And here we are, at Julia's giraffes.  I'm not sure how long she would have stayed there if we hadn't moved her along.  Clearly the giraffes were Julia's favorite animal of the day.
Can you guess who's who in the picture below?
At an orangutan Exploration Station, Evelyn tried on a sweater with arms that were seven feet wide.  When her arms were down, the sleeves touched the ground.  It gave us all a good idea of how long orangutans' arms really are!
After eating our picnic lunch, the girls were able to choose a ride.  I don't know what it is about carousels, but the girls went nuts when they found out the Philadelphia Zoo had a carousel.  They both enjoyed their ride (and wanted to go again and again).
As usual, I played with the zoom on my camera and got some good shots of animals.  It was also cloudy most of the day, so the colors were really vibrant.
I didn't know until after I took this picture that the little joey was laughing at me!


k. said...

That first photo cracks me up. Julia was so put out to have to stand there and take a photo. Ha!