Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stream Splash

Today's high was 92 degrees.  The dewpoint was 70 degrees all day, making the heat index come close to 100 degrees.  Usually with weather like that, you'll find us Luster girls at the pool.  But not today!  Evelyn and Julia were registered for the Stream Splash "class" at Black Hill Regional Park - so we donned stream-friendly attire (who knew that Crocs make great wading shoes?) and set off for the program.
 The goal of the stream splash is to collect critters (preferably living) from the stream.  The kids were given nets and set loose.  Julia first tried the small net, but she only caught pebbles and rocks.
 Then she traded Evelyn for a big net, but that was pretty tough to maneuver.  Even though she didn't catch any fish or bugs, she still had fun splashing around in the stream.  Who wouldn't?
 Evelyn investigated this log for evidence of beavers - they have chewed the bark from the underside of the fallen tree.  And, for the record, beavers did not fell this tree.  This was one of several trees along the creek that were victims to the heavy rains that accompanied two tropical storms last September.
 Evelyn was really patient, trying to catch fish, but they refused to cooperate with her.  She did, however, catch a couple of water striders, which is pretty tricky since they are speedy little fellows.
 One last picture of Julia - I'm not sure what she's reaching for.  But she had fun at today's two-hour program, nonetheless.