Friday, June 22, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake

A former student from Texas planned a trip up here with her mom this weekend.  They emailed me last week, wanting to see me, and they asked me to pick the place.  Since it has been SO hot and muggy lately, outdoor venues were out.  "How about Georgetown Cupcake?" I suggested.  I swear I could see their smiles of approval all the way from the lone star state.

We agreed to meet at 10:00 this morning, right when Georgetown Cupcake opens.  I personally haven't watched the TV show, but hearing about the show is what made me curious about this cupcakery.  I figured it would be busy, since it's the summer tourist season in DC.  I was right - there was already a line at 9:50 a.m.

Evelyn and I got in line, with our order in hand.  The lady at the door (the one who ensures the door stays closed and lets people inside) told us the wait in yesterday's line was nearly two hours long.  What?!?  We only stood in line for about 15 minutes...and we were in!  Look at all those delectable desserts.....
We found a table tucked back in the corner of the bakery and sat down to eat and catch up.  Evelyn chose this table because she could watch the bakers and decorators work.  She loved watching them roll and cut fondant (front left in the picture), and she was amazed at how quickly they frost the cupcakes (back right).  Quite honestly, we were all mesmerized by the workers' efficiency and skill.
The burning question is, of are the cupcakes?  Totally worth it.  I have eaten cupcakes from two other cupcake stores in the area, and they don't even come close to these.  You can tell the cakes are made with high-quality ingredients, and they are uber-moist.  The frosting is flavored to perfectly compliment the cake.  I had a coconut cupcake this morning, which was fantastic.  This evening I splurged and ate two different custard-filled cupcakes - Boston cream (which tasted just like Boston cream pie) and lava fudge (a chocolate cupcake with a fudge core and vanilla frosting).  I can't wait to sample some of the other cupcakes I brought home!