Monday, September 17, 2012

Strasburg Day Out with Thomas 2012

Today was a school holiday, so we headed up to Strasburg, Pennsylvania to spend a Day Out with Thomas.  This is the third time we have seen Thomas in Strasburg, which is clearly our favorite venue.  We got to the event super early, and we decided to take pictures with Thomas first.  This was a good plan, as we didn't have to wait in line.  (Oh, and Julia wasn't as scared this year...)
 There were pictures of characters all over the place.  Julia wanted to pose with Diesel 10 - she's screaming because he's about to get her with his claw!
 Then the girls played in the activity tent (after getting tattoos).  Again, since we were so early, the girls had the train table alllllll to themselves.
 When it was time for our train ride, we headed to our favorite coach:  the very last one.  The open-air car with wooden benches creates the perfect atmosphere.  When Thomas goes around the bend in the track, you can see him huffing and chuffing.  And it's usually not as crowded as the other cars.
 Of all the Thomas events we have been to, this train ride is the best.  You go on a nice, easy ride through the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside, with fields and crops everywhere you look.  We were lucky enough to run into some friends (from our hometown), and they took a picture of us three train girls.
 After the train ride, we enjoyed some of the other activities, such as the cranky cars.  They were tricky for Julia last year, but this year she totally got the hang of it.
 We also went on a short train ride behind a small, narrow-gauge engine.  (It was nearly impossible to get Julia to look away from the box cars - on the track next to us - in order to pose for the picture.)
 We got a chance to see Sir Topham Hatt at the very end of the day.  Again, Julia wasn't as nervous about the big guy this year.  She wouldn't stand right next to him, but at least she smiled for a picture!
 Since it's a weekday, all of the events closed down at 2:00.  That was all too soon for the girls, especially Julia.  She even got a little teary-eyed when it was time to say good-bye.  Once again, we had a ton of fun with Thomas!