Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Evelyn's School Halloween Party

Even though Evelyn hasn't had school the last two days (a hurricane was supposed to come through), we were still on for the Halloween party at school this afternoon.  Here's the Snow Princess, walking back into the school after the parade outside.
 Knowing that 4-year-old Julia would be a good girl at Evelyn's school, the fairy princess tagged along.  We had extra activity sticker sheets, so she got to make one, too.
 The students were so quiet while working on the sticker and coloring sheets...I was very tempted not to do any of the other games I had planned.
 But eventually we moved on to the next activity:  the skeleton puzzle race.  I'm not sure if Evelyn's table was first because Evelyn was on that team (and she has built the puzzle several times already), or if her group was just really good at puzzles.
 The last game we played was BINGO - the kids covered up their pictures with Skittles, which were devoured after the game.  The last thing we did was eat yummy treats, and then it was already time to pack up and go home.  Another school Halloween party is in the books!