Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kids' Halloween Party

We hosted our fifth kids' Halloween party this evening.  I recruited the girls to help set up the first activity - coloring pages in the living room.  Julia and Evelyn also helped decorate with balloons and streamers.
We took advantage of the park across the street for our next activity - the bone hunt.  We hid about 20 plastic bones in the park, and the kids ran around and found them.  Quite honestly, I think they could have played at the park until it got dark, but I didn't want to risk anyone's costume getting ruined, so we headed back to the house.
Once back inside, I read a picture book, and then everyone broke off into teams to do a puzzle race.  Each team had to put two puzzles together, and Evelyn's team (pictured below) was the first to finish.  Winner!
After eating supper, we did the ever-popular cupcake walk, which I also call the kids "working to earn their dessert."  This year I let the kids frost and decorate their own cupcakes.  Thank goodness the weather was conducive to being outside - it didn't matter if the kids made a mess on the deck!
The last activity of the evening was making crafts.  The kids made spooky door hangers and festive pumpkins.  All 14 kiddos had a blast this evening, and we thoroughly enjoyed hosting!