Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes & Candy

You may have noticed that, this year, there haven't been any posts about me sewing the girls' Halloween costumes.  This is because (1) Julia came across the dress in a toy store that dictated her costume and (2) Evelyn couldn't decide, until the last minute, what she wanted to be. We combined the purple dress Julia had found with wings, a crown and sparkly silver shoes - all things we already had at home - to transform Julia into a fairy princess.  Evelyn first wanted to be a mail carrier (couldn't find a costume in her size), and then she wanted to be a fairy godmother (but she couldn't tell me what that kind of costume would look like).  Taking a page from Julia's book, I pulled out the flower girl dress Evelyn wore in May, 2011, which still fit, and asked what kind of accessories we could put with it to make it into a costume.  We found a tiara and cape at the store, and poof!  A snow princess costume was born.

Here's the little Sunshine, showing off both her pumpkin, "Smiley," and her cute little costume.
 The girls wanted to take a wacky here it is...
 Now back to a more traditional pose with their jack-o-lanterns:
 Evelyn had a lot of fun wearing her costume - she just beamed.
 The girls headed out for trick-or-treating around 6:45 this evening.  Remembering how much candy these girls can bring home in a night, I pulled the wagon with two extra (empty) candy buckets.  Good thing I did - by the time we hit the hour-and-a-half mark, Julia didn't want to walk any more, and by the time we got home at 8:45 all FOUR candy buckets were full!
 Here's the loot!  Just like last year, they brought home about ten pounds of candy, and we will be donating at least half of it.  I think Julia got more candy than Evelyn because she kept asking for and taking more candy than Evelyn did...that little sweet-talker!


k. said...

I was wondering how the "sewing" was going. That's great that you didn't have to sew!