Friday, November 30, 2012

Nutcracker Showtime!

Evelyn has been preparing for the Nutcracker ballet since September.  Auditions were held then, and she was cast as a soldier.  After several weeks of rehearsals, including a late-night dress rehearsal this past Wednesday, our budding ballerina is ready to hit the stage.  Tonight is the first of ten performances - she has five performances this weekend, and there are five more performances next weekend.
 Evelyn is required to wear specific seamed pink tights with her pink ballet shoes.  However, since she her soldier costume consists of several layers of clothing, she could wear any color and style of leotard.
 Covering up her tights and leotard is a requirement as she goes from the parking lot to the performing arts center.  For pants, she chose a new pair of Christmas kitty pajama bottoms.  (Since it's cold out, a jacket and/or coat does the job for covering up her leotard.)
 This year's hair is easy:  a bun.  Well, it was a little tricky since Evelyn's hair is so short.  I used a LOT of hair gel and several bobby pins to keep her hair in place throughout the performance.  Here's what Evelyn looks like, all ready for the ballet.  She will complete the transformation - with costume and makeup - after she gets to the theater.