Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swan Boats

Over the years, Julia and Evelyn have read Make Way for Ducklings (written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey in 1941) several times.  How excited were they to find out that the park Mr. and Mrs. Mallard chose to raise their ducklings was a real place in Boston???
 And how cool is it that the Public Garden looks the same as it did in the book?  The girls were in heaven.  They've never been to a place where it seemed they were walking through the pages of a picture book.
 Since the day started out cloudy, there weren't many people in line for the swan boat rides when we got there (thank goodness!).  And the line moved pretty quickly, too.
 Here's Julia and me on the swan boat ride . . .
 . . . and here are Troy and Evelyn.  We knew the boat ride wouldn't be very long - just under 15 minutes - so we savored and enjoyed every moment.  We saw turtles, (real) swans and lots and lots of mallard ducks.  Just like in the story!
 After our boat ride, we went on a scavenger hunt for the bronze statues that depict Mrs. Mallard with her babies.
 Julia claimed that this is her park and her special place in Boston.  I can't say I blame her!