Thursday, September 5, 2013

Julia's First Day of Kindergarten!

Two days ago Julia went to her school to meet her Kindergarten teacher and see her new classroom.  In this school district, the Kindergarteners did that Tuesday morning, the morning of the first day of school for everyone else.  Then half the class went to school on Wednesday, and the other half went to school on Thursday.  And, finally, on Friday all of the Kindergarteners go to school.
 So here's the little Sunshine with her half-day Kindergarten teacher in her classroom.  After we left the school Tuesday morning, Julia was sad to have to wait two more days to go back.
 But here she is, all ready for her first day of Kindergarten!
 Julia was very excited to be able to ride the bus with everyone else.  Even though Julia and Evelyn go to two different schools - Julia's is preK through 2nd grade, and Evelyn's is 3rd through 6th grade - the girls ride the same bus to school in the morning.
 Julia ordered all the kids at the bus stop to line up in order from youngest to oldest.  Why?  Because she knew she was the youngest, which meant she would be in front.
 It might be hard to see, but Julia is in the front window (behind the driver), and Evelyn is in the window fourth from the back.  Just like Evelyn, Julia had a great first day of school and is very excited to go back.