Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Evelyn's 10th Birthday

Today was Evelyn's day!  Well, after school and homework (this is a weekday, after all) . . . it was Evelyn's day!  She requested going to a Mexican restaurant for supper.  Not only does Evelyn like the food there, but they also let the birthday kid wear a sombrero while she is being sung to.  Very festive and fun!
 After we got home from supper, Evelyn opened her presents.  Rosie wanted to help, too, of course.
 Evelyn opened the present from Julia first.  Once again, I have to give credit to Julia because she kept this doll outfit a secret from her sister for several weeks.  It's easy to see that Evelyn was thrilled about getting Kit's school skirt outfit.
Evelyn knew, by looking at the size and shape of this box, that there was a doll in this present.  But which one?  You'll see, a couple pictures further down.
 Something else Evelyn had been hoping for was a desk for Kit.  Can you tell she was a little excited about this newest piece of doll furniture?
 Evelyn set up her new doll, Ruthie (aka Kit's best friend), with Kit wearing her new outfit, sitting at her new desk.  She can't wait for her dolls to play with the new doll and accessories.
 The birthday evening came to a close with birthday cake and ice cream.  Happy birthday, Evelyn!  You're a whole decade old, now!