Friday, May 16, 2014

Julia's Class Field Trip to the Zoo

Today was a big day for Julia's Kindergarten class - zoo field trip!  Here's our little Sunshine, ready to board the bus.
 We went to Soutwick's Zoo, which was about a 35-minute drive from Julia's school.  There was a slight chance of rain in today's forecast, and unfortunately it drizzled (heavily, at times) the entire time we were at the zoo.  Anyway - we managed to make the best of it and walked around, checking out all of the animals.  One of the first animals we saw was this funny white-handed gibbon, sitting on a basketball.  That got the kids laughing!
 Julia is checking out some yaks in the picture below (pretending like the rain isn't bothering her).
 Before lunch, we saw a bird show.  Julia enjoyed watching the birds do various tricks.
 I don't know about Julia, but my favorite part of today's trip was eating lunch . . . because there were picnic tables under a shelter.  Julia seems happy about being out of the rain, too.
 If you look through the drizzle, you might see a couple of zebras -
 I think the kids had fun, despite looking like they had just taken showers.  It was certainly a memorable field trip!