Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maryland Trip - Day 3

The main reason we visited Maryland this particular weekend:  Julia's friend's birthday party.  Julia was stumped a few weeks ago, when she got an invitation to Jaxson's party.  "Why would he send me an invitation to his birthday party?" Julia asked, as she tossed the invite onto the kitchen counter.  I knew . . . because she would be there!  These two were in two years of preschool together, and they get along so well.  They write each other letters (I'm sure parental deciphering occurs on both ends).  He visited us with his family last summer, and it was wonderful for the two of them to be together once again, even if it was for only a couple of hours.
After attending Jaxson's party, we took the scenic route back to Germantown, passing (purposely) through Point of Rocks.  This is one of Evelyn's favorite Maryland railfanning places, so we stopped to see if anything was going on.
There were a couple of other railfanners - with train radios - wandering around the station.  That's always a good sign.  Sure enough, after waiting about half an hour, a CSX coal train with 120 cars came rumbling through.  The girls were so excited to see a freight train!
After the train passed through the station, Evelyn took the creative way back to the parking lot.