Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Evelyn's Turn

Evelyn went on her first field trip today - very exciting! What made it even more exciting was that she shared this adventure with her "favorite friend" from preschool, AJ. The class went to Butler's Orchard, which is a very popular place in the fall. Evelyn was completely exhausted from all the fun she had this morning - going on a tractor ride, choosing a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, and playing with her friends. She can hardly wait to carve the pumpkin she brought home.

On another note, Evelyn had a very creative stalling strategy for bedtime tonight. While Evelyn brushed her teeth, I slipped into her bathroom to grab the fingernail clippers. Evelyn doesn't miss a thing, so she asked what I was doing with the clippers. I replied that I needed to trim Julia's nails. About twenty minutes after Troy had tucked Evelyn into bed, she came out of her room. Mark this as the first time she requested that I trim her fingernails. She's never done that before, and we know the only reason she did it tonight was to stall going to bed.