Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

Whew! Last night was the Halloween party, and we all survived. It's funny how weeks of planning and preparation result in an hour-and-a-half frenzy of fun and excitement.

All 13 of the little friends who RSVP'ed came. Some showed up after we had taken the group picture, and some were too shy to get in the picture.

After decorating treat bags and taking a picture of the kids, we headed outside for a bone hunt. Fifty bones were scattered around the front yard, and every single bone was found. The prize? One lollipop for each discovered bone. After playing a round of tossing candy in the pumpkin (easy for some, a bit challenging for others), the kids enjoyed hot dogs, chips, apples, and juice boxes.

Then the fun really got started. The kids played a cupcake walk game - they danced around to the music, when the music stopped, they stood on a number, and if their number was called, they got a cupcake. Now, this was a party with mostly 3- and 4-year-olds, so you know we played until everyone got a cupcake. The last game of the night was pin the nose on the pumpkin. The party wrapped up with announcing winners for the costume contest, guessing the amount of M&Ms in a cup, and guessing how much the pumpkin weighed.

The funniest comment came from a dad at the end of the party. He told me I should consider becoming a teacher. Too funny!

I think everyone had a fun time, and before we knew it, the party was over. Even though Julia hung out upstairs in the kitchen helping with the food prep all evening, having 30+ people in her house tuckered her out.


k. said...

Sounds like your party was a success! You survived, so congrats!