Saturday, October 4, 2008

Steam Engine Day

Since Evelyn is the four-year-old authority on trains, especially steam engines, we headed to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum for their "Steam Engine Days" festivities today. We have visited the museum earlier this year, so today we focused on today's special activities, plus we visited old favorites inside the roundhouse.

We arrived at the museum shortly after they opened at 10:00. At 11:00, we rode in a coach behind the #4 St. Elizabeth (the engine in the first and last pictures below). While on that train ride, the #25 William Mason pulled up on a track alongside our coach. The William Mason is the green train pictured below, and it was built in 1851. Evelyn already knew that steam engines run on coal, like the St. Elizabeth. But she was amazed to find out that they also run on wood, which is what fuels the William Mason.

After our train ride, we wandered around outdoor exhibits, such as the model train display and the kids' play area. When we knew it was time for the steam engines to depart again, Evelyn and I headed back over to the platform to watch. With the loud whistles, bells, and steam sounds, Evelyn covered her ears . . . while Troy walked with Julia away from all the action.

Before we knew it, the time was 1:30, and we were all hungry for lunch. So we said our goodbyes to the St. Elizabeth and the William Mason. It was a beautiful day, and fun was had by all!