Saturday, October 25, 2008


So many cute and funny things lately, but let's see if I can remember any of them . . .

I asked for Evelyn's help choosing pumpkins at the grocery store by crawling on the pallets and moving the pumpkins around. I knew she'd had enough when she went into a scarecrow pose - stood in the middle of the pumpkins, arms out-stretched, head hanging limply to the side. A younger couple got quite a chuckle out of seeing her and told Evelyn she made a very good scarecrow.

At Julia's 6-month portrait session at Target, Evelyn made her laugh and laugh. How? Simply by throwing a stuffed animal into the air. I can't wait to get those pictures back - it was a really good photo session.

Julia has settled into a daily routine of napping in the morning, eating cereal early afternoon, napping in the afternoon, and eating more cereal following supper-time. She is also getting the hang of swallowing cereal better. I don't have to re-scoop as many bites into her mouth.

Below, pictures taken tonight while making biscuits for supper. One girl thoroughly bored (or making up a new yoga pose?), one thoroughly enjoying herself. When Troy saw what we were up to, he quietly slipped out of the kitchen. What fun is making biscuits from scratch if you can't get messy? :)