Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evelyn's 5th Birthday

Evelyn had a day-long birthday celebration today. It all started in preschool, where she had a small "party" with her little friends. The party was very simple. The class sang "Happy Birthday" to Evelyn, and then everyone had brownies, ice cream and lemonade. Julia wasn't interested in the brownie, but she ate a healthy serving of vanilla ice cream.

Lucky for Evelyn, Wednesday is her gymnastics day. Evelyn insisted that we bring cupcakes and princess rings for the three other girls in her class to celebrate her birthday. Can you guess what color the frosting the cupcakes had? Yup - purple. The girls loved their rings and devoured the cupcakes.

Evelyn chose to have her birthday dinner at IHOP, where she had her favorite meal of baby cakes (with butter pecan syrup) and sausage. Then it was time for presents and birthday cake at home. Evelyn's presents seemed to have a purple theme this year - lots of purple clothes, toys and wrapping paper. The little bookworm also got several books. Evelyn requested a chocolate train cake with a purple locomotive and tender. The number on the tender was a 5, of course.

Since Julia had a long day with no afternoon nap, she went to bed during the opening of the presents and completely missed out on cake and ice cream. That's okay - there are plenty of leftovers!


Disobedient Tiger said...

Purdiest Plethora of Purple Piping I ever Purveyed, Period. Looks great, where are my pieces?

Happy Birthday Ev!