Sunday, May 3, 2009

Goosing Strangers

Today was the day the whole family was supposed to see a Cardinals baseball game in D.C. The weather simply did not want to cooperate, though. It has been a very rainy spring, and today was no different. However, Troy and I thought we saw a break in the weather that might last long enough to get the game in. We packed up the girls and their belongings, and then we headed for the Metro station.

The train ride to the stadium was uneventful. When we stepped off the train, though, we noticed several baseball fans waiting for the train to take them home. Not a good sign. We went up to street level to see what the weather was doing . . . raining. And there were lots of people walking to the Metro station from the baseball stadium. We decided to join the crowd and headed back to the trains.

The train for the ride home was packed. Julia was in her stroller, which was in the aisle. Like I said, the train was very full, and there was a man standing with his back to Julia's stroller. It wasn't long before Julia reached up under his jacket to touch him. It looked like she was trying to goose him! Oh, it was a long train ride, trying to keep Julia from touching that guy. Eventually the crowd thinned out, and we didn't have to force Julia to keep her hands to herself.