Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Foods

As a 12-month old, Julia is venturing into the world of new foods. Her doctor recommended giving her the same things we eat, as long as they are conducive to a little one who needs to gum her food. Julia still only has two teeth, so there's a lot of gumming going on.

In the past week, some of the new foods Julia has tried are crackers, bread, banana and avocado. Her entire meal is not table food - most of her breakfast, lunch and dinner is baby cereal and mushed-up baby food. However, she is definitely tackling new tastes and textures. The only new food that she hasn't made a face at is avocado. My guess is because avocados are, for the most part, tasteless.

Julia is also slowly transitioning from formula to whole milk. Like everything else that has to do with food, she has no complaints. The only problem is when I try to give Julia whole milk in a sippy cup. It's time to wean her from the bottle, and she has made it very clear to me that she prefers bottles. Introducing new foods is going smoothly, but the sippy cup will be more of a battle.