Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Way to Eat Supper

As the day goes on, Evelyn eats less and less at her meals. For breakfast, Evelyn eats like gang-busters. She has a morning snack, and she usually eats most of her lunch. She heartily eats her afternoon snack, but by the time supper rolls around, she's pretty much done for the day. I feel like I'm serving a bird with the small amount of food I put on her plate for dinner.

Tonight we had leftovers, and Evelyn gets pretty picky about leftovers. I decided to avoid a food battle and serve up something I knew Evelyn would eat: a slice of cheese, butterfly crackers and cinnamon applesauce. True, Evelyn ate this "meal" more heartily than she would have the leftovers Troy and I were eating. But! She found a new way to get rid of the food on her plate - Julia. It all started when Evelyn said, "Can Julia eat cheese?" Before we knew it, Evelyn continued giving Julia nibbles of her supper, and Julia kept scarfing the nibbles down. As I've mentioned before, Julia is not one to turn down food, and table food appears to be no exception. Plus, now Evelyn has a new way to clean her plate - give her food to her sister.


Disobedient Tiger said...

Shoot, who needs a dog?

k. said...

By eating less and less throughout the day Evelyn is actually eating the way some people say we are supposed to. You know the whole king, prince, pauper theory.

I say if she isn't hungry don't make her eat (but I have no advice/idea what to do when she decides she's hungry later!). Eating just because it is time to eat can become kind of a bad habit. I'm sure Julia is glad to help out, but you don't want her to get into that habit either. Aw, they are just kids. They'll be fine.